Tourvest Destination Management Blood Lions Day

Tourvest Destination Management has joined the Blood Lion™ Pledge and hosted a Blood Lions™ day at their Sandton offices.

Pippa Hankinson the thought leader behind the documentary film released in 2015 has been flown out to Johannesburg for the day to educate the staff on what Blood Lions™ is all about andillustrate how the multi-million dollar canned lion and captive breeding industry is against the ethos and values of Tourvest Destination Management.

“We are very proud to partner with Tourvest Destination Management on this immensely important initiative today, where every single staff member in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya has undertaken to simultaneously watch Blood Lions and to sign theTourvest / Blood Lions pledge (see below).   We applaud them for their leadership in standing up for the protection of these animals and towards ending the exploitation of our wildlife. Tourvest, as the largest tourism organization in the Southern Hemisphere, is certainly raising the bar for authentic and responsible tourism.  A huge “thank you” from the Blood Lions team for their support and for joining the global “Born to Live Wild” campaign.”

Martin Wiest CEO of Tourvest Destination Management comments “Protecting our environment, heritage and wildlife is critical to the sustainability of the tourism industry. Tourvest’s value system is strongly focused around ethics in everything we do and this cause is clearly aligned to our vision. Martin also emphasises that it is critical to accredit ethical and ecologically sound operations in the wildlife space in order to avoid collateral damage in this industry as a result of the current media hype, which are unintentional but damaging nevertheless.”