Expedia now LIVE on Travelit!

JOHANNESBURG, 16 APRIL 2019: Just a year ago, Lufthansa and Tourvest Travel Services unveiled the first new Distribution Capability (NDC) Direct Connect solution in the South African market. This made Tourvest Travel Services the first company in South Africa to fully implement Direct Connect.

Just 12 months later, and Tourvest Travel Services are the first company in South Africa to successfully integrate with Expedia for hotel inventory and content, making Traveit – Tourvest Travel Service’s travel management technology & solution – the undisputed kings of content in South Africa. Clients of Tourvest Travel Services can now access over 1.6 million properties around the world at the best rates.

There have also been significant improvements to the hotel display on Travelit which optimised the speed in returning the results showing comparative pricing. The views are now also customisable to each individual users taste. The content provided in Travelit is super rich with high resolution photographs, accurate information and pricing availability.

As with all products on Travelit, there is tried and tested financial process that includes options for virtualised payments and electronic invoicing.

The Lufthansa NDC Direct Connect implementation and Expedia integration are just 2 of the many integration projects that have taken place in the last 12 months. There is another high profile integration set to go live in the May which will make Travelit one of the largest hotel aggregators in the world.